An Introduction to Jhengsing Junior High School


KaohsiungJhengsingJunior High School, founded in 1994, provides an outstanding education to about 2300 students. The school has 71 classes, including 21 classes in grade 7, 25 classes in grade 8, and 25 classes in grade 9.

Jhengsing Junior High School has fully equipped learning environment. We have science labs, computer labs, language classrooms, art and music classrooms, student kitchens, tennis courts, basketball courts, an English resource center and a library. The Internet access is available across the campus.

The curriculum of Jhengsing Junior High Schoolfocuses not only on the acquisition of knowledge but also on the development of the whole child. The school has diverse activities, like camping, school trips, an annual sports meet, basketball contests, singing contests, and so on. Besides, there are all kinds of clubs in Jhengsing, such as the chorus, the school orchestra, the dance club, the community service club, the handicraft club, various sports clubs, etc. Jhengsing creates an environment that can give students opportunities to explore their interests and enjoy learning. Jhengsing also offers curriculum with special programs in English, physical education, and special education.

Through appropriate instruction, our mission is to develop each student’s intellectual potential to learn, to prepare students for future life in a rapidly changing society, to help students become creative, confident, and wise decision-makers who can respect and work with others.

To make students to be world citizens,JhengsingJunior High Schoolaims to improve students’ English abilities and has joined iEARN, GTP and CCOC international projects.





Side by Side


Side by Side (

In this project, students create elongated portraits of themselves with symbols of their past, present, and future.  Side By Side celebrates the unique individuality of each of the students through art. This is a terrific way to know a lot about your students as they create self-portraits that include symbols about their past, present, and future.

2011 Side by Side

Eco Friendly Schools Project


Eco Friendly Schools Project

In this project, we can teach students about sustainability, and build the bridge to their personal behavior, that’s the highest praise we could possibly hope for. The Eco Friendly Schools Project is created to offer schools, teachers and students a unique opportunity that allows them to address global challenges into concrete activities. The experience that a change in my behavior will have a positive impact on our planet is critical success factor that will impact the participants for a lifetime.

2011 Eco Friendly Schools Project 


Special Place Project


Special Place Project (

In this project, students write or draw about a local place that is precious to them.

Students may select any writing genre. Describe it, and tell what is special about it. Is it a place where you prefer to be alone or with others? Create a word picture so we can experience the special place. Decide what can be done to preserve the uniqueness of this place. By sharing the special place, we all can contribute a better world to live in.

2010 Special Place project

Magical Moments around the World


Magical Moments around the World(

In this project, youth all over the world sharing their human spirit in a global online book for generations to come. The project aims to provide youth the right to be aware that we are all connected by one human spirit. This is done by writing magical moments in a global online book that will be presented in a multilingual website. By reading other peoples magical moments we become aware that our happiness is connected to other people’s happiness. We see that others’ desires for happiness are the same as mine.

2010 Magical Moments around the World

One Day in the Life


One Day in the Life: Photo Diaries (

In this project, students exchange their writings and photos about their own lives, in and out of school. Students can record their daily lives through digital images, or share stories about food, special events, holidays, celebrations, communities, or other experiences in the life. Through discussion with global students on the project forum, the students better know the cultures and lives of students in other countries.

2007-2011 One Day in the Life



(Natural Disaster Youth Summit) (

In this project, students learn how to cope with natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, droughts and so on. Students discuss issues of natural disasters with global friends, create a disaster safety map, and design a safety emergency bag. We joined NDYS2009 inKaohsiung,Taiwan. The students shared the knowledge of disaster management with students fromAustralia,Turkey,Japan, andIndonesia. NDYS raised the students’ awareness of natural disasters to make a difference in the world.

2009 NDYS